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I Can Only Imagine

"… an overarching story of redemption."
Amy Grant

“It’s absolutely phenomenal. It’s so authentic, so powerful.”
Rebecca St. James

“It's just a great, great story. Everyone in the family loved it..”
Glenn Beck

“Families need to see stories like this.”
Mark Hall, Casting Crowns

“It will … have ripple effects in God’s Kingdom for eternity!”

“It’s powerful, it’s moving … you don’t want to miss it.”
Michael W. Smith

“A really, really great film …”

“It’s an amazing film. I think it will change your life.”
Steven Curtis Chapman

“I was blown away!”
Dr. Clarence Shuler, Building Lasting Relationships

“… an authentic, raw, true story of redemption.”
Dr. Michelle Watson, Fatherhood Expert, Author

“The radical beauty of seeing this song come to life is a profound thing.”
Joel Smallbone, for KING & COUNTRY

“You will be moved to tears of sorrow and great joy.”
Steve Arterburn, New Life Ministries

“One of the very best films I have ever seen.”
Pastor Greg Laurie, Harvest Ministries

“Go see it … you deserve it.”
Mark Stuart, Audio Adrenaline

“If you appreciated the song, you will love the movie.”
Clair Hoover, NCMM

“A beautiful film of redemption, grace, forgiveness, and mercy.”
Jim Caldwell, Former NFL Coach

“Absolutely phenomenal!”
Pastor Ronnie Floyd, President, National Day of Prayer

“A powerful, tear-jerker story of redemption and reconciliation [with] a tremendous cast …”

“Undoubtedly one of the GREATEST movies I have ever watched!”
Pastor Johnny Hunt

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